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Welcome to Fright Night. Here, we live amongst vampires, and more creatures of the night.
Ever since Charley has found out about his neighbour, Jerry being a vampire, things have not been the same. Thankfully, all of Jerry's victims have been restored to their regular human selves. However, some of his past victims seem to have liked their lives better as vampires.
So, come join us, and welcome to Fright Night. Let's go kill something!

Rules and Affiliates 

- Most characters are based off the remake of Fright Night, however feel free to add on to your characters, or whatever floats your boat.

- Please be active! I understand that school and work can get in the way, but if you can work around that, it would be great. If you are not active for 5 days without letting me know, then we’ll have to open the character back up.

- Please submit your application through the link in the sidebar!

- Turn your ask box’s on! It’s difficult when someone submits a cool application but I can’t message them back.

- This is a mature RP, meaning that there will be guts, gore, swearing, and more. What else would you expect from a vampire rpg?

- Also, try to stay too much out of the brooding love stories of vampires and humans - this isn’t Twilight. Romance is allowed, but don’t let that be the center of the RPG please :)

- YOU ARE ALLOWED TO RESERVE A CHARACTER! It will be reserved up to 48 hours.

- When reblogging, remember to do so as a text, and not a link - because then some stuff will disappear, and it will look like you’re talking to yourself!

- Now, go kill something and have fun!


                             If you’d like be an affiliate, send us a message!   

                                                             Cresswell Academy
                                                             Windsor Academy
                                                             Mansion of Secrets

Brill Academy

World of Marvel

The Hunger Games

Laselle Art Academy

It’s a daemon world

Sj James Academy

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